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Make sure your place stays safe with our expert EICR services in London. We’ll quickly and reliably inspect your electrical system, and our prices are clear and fair from the start. You can rely on us to keep your property safe by following the standards BS7671 and staying secure.

Original price was: £149.00.Current price is: £129.00.


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Importance of an EICR Certificate

An EICR which stands for Electrical Installation Condition Report, is like a health check for the electrical parts in a property. Its main job is to ensure all electrical stuff stays safe and works properly. Here’s why it’s vital to make your house harmless:

Importance of an EICR Certificate


The root reason is to keep people safe in the property. Electrical issues can cause fires, shocks, or even worse mishaps. An EICR checks for things like too much load on circuits, signs of damage, or if the wiring doesn’t meet safety standards.

Following the Law

If you're a landlord or own a business property, you have to get an EICR regularly. Laws in the UK say so, like the Electricity at Work Regulation standard BS7671. As of 18th edition of regulation, landlords in England have to get one every five years or when someone new moves in.

Preventing Daily Care

Regular checks on EICR can catch small bugs before they become big ones. Fixing things early saves money because you get rid of expensive emergency repairs.

Insurance Needs

A lot of insurance companies ask for an EICR as a condition of the coverage. If you don't have one and there's an electrical fire, they might not cover it. And, you won’t get to claim anything.

Property Value

If you're selling or renting out a place, having an EICR can make it more attractive to buyers or renters. It shows you care about safety and keeping things in good shape.

Finding Hidden Electrical Issues

An EICR gives a thorough look at the electrical system. It can help to spot issues you might not see, and suggest ways to make things better and safer. This helps ways to make things better or add new stuff to keep everything legal and safe.

Who Needs an EICR Certificate?

Who Needs an EICR Certificate?

An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is super important for different people to make sure that the electrical staff is safe and follows the rules. Let’s break down who needs one:


By law, they need to get their electrical systems checked every five years or when new tenants move in to make sure everything's safe.


They don't have to get EICR checks. In other words, it is not legally required, but it's a good idea to keep their homes safe from electrical problems. This helps to find out the potential risks and hazards in-house.

Business Owners and Commercial Properties

They have to get checks to follow safety rules from Work Regulations 1989 and BS7671. This makes sure their electrical stuff is safe and well done.

Property Managers

They have to ensure all the places they manage are up to date with electrical safety rules. That way they can keep all people protected and the property valuable.

Facilities Managers

They need EICR checks to keep their workplaces safe for employees. And, this helps to avoid getting in trouble with the law or legal penalties.

Real Estate Sellers and Buyers

Sellers can make their properties more attractive and valuable by showing they're safe with a recent EICR check. This way buyers should ask for an EICR check before buying to make sure the place is safe.

Residential EICR Cost at ALC

The price of checking the EICR of a house can vary based on a few things like how big the house is, how many circuits need checking, and where it is in London. But we are giving you freedom here. Single price for any domestic EICR certificate.

Residential EICR Cost at ALC

Original price was: £149.00.Current price is: £129.00.

Usually, the EICR certificate costs for a basic safety check start at about £129 for a small flat and can be £250 or more for bigger houses. It’s crucial to pick a certified and reliable company like All Landlord Certificates to make sure the testing is done well and you can rely on the results. We promise friendly prices and detailed reports so you know exactly what you’re paying for and there are no hidden fees.

Why Does My Property Need An EICR?

There are a few reasons why you need an EICR in your building. With this, you can focus on safety, legal terms, financial carefulness, and so on. Here’s why your property needs an EICR:

Why Does My Property Need An EICR

To Stay Safe

An EICR checks if your home's electricity is safe. It finds problems that could cause fires or shocks, making sure you and your family are protected.

To Follow the Law

If you rent out your house, the law says you must get an EICR every five years. This keeps you on the right side of the law and helps you stop getting fined.

To Avoid Big Repairs

By catching electrical problems early, an EICR saves you from expensive fixes later on. It keeps your home's electrical system running smoothly and efficiently.

For Insurance

Some insurance companies ask for an up-to-date EICR to cover electrical problems. This means you're financially covered if something goes wrong.

To Give Confidence

A recent EICR reassures tenants or buyers that your home's electricity is safe. It makes your property more attractive to them.

To Boost Property Value

Having a valid EICR can make your home easier to sell or rent out. This means you could make more money from it in the long run.

In simple terms, getting an EICR isn’t just about following rules and staying safe. It’s also a smart way to make sure your home’s electrical system lasts longer and stays safe.

How Does an Electrical Installation Condition Report Work?

Understanding the EICR Process with ALC Experts

To get certified expert help and find the process of checking EICR, you can trust All Landlord Certificates (ALC). We keep things simple and make sure you know the steps properly for better peace of mind in terms of electrical safety.

Step-by-Step Breakdown

step 1

Setting Up the Inspection

Call us to pick a good time for the inspection. We’re flexible, so we can work with your busy schedule.

step 2

First Look

Our expert will come to your place and look at your electrical stuff. They’ll check your wires, fuse box, lights, and outlets.

step 3

Testing in Detail

We use special tools to test all parts of your electrical system. We look for any damage or old wiring that could be dangerous.

step 4

Making a Report

After checking everything, our expert makes a detailed report. It tells you what’s wrong and what needs fixing in simple words.

step 6

Proper Guideline

We don’t just hand you the report and leave. We talk to you about it and give you advice on how to fix any problems. If you need repairs, we can help you find someone.

step 5

Getting Certified

After all the fixes are done and we check again to make sure everything’s good, we give you a certificate. This certificate shows your place is safe and follows all the rules for electrical safety.

What Does an EICR Certificate Look Like?

An Electrical Inspection Paper is like a special report card that tells you if the electrical stuff in a building is safe after someone checks it. This kind of paper usually has:

Client Details

Info about who owns the property or asked for the report.

Inspector Details

Info about the person who checked the property, like their qualifications and contact info.

Property Details

Info about where the property is and other important stuff.

Inspection Date

The day when the check happened.

Report Summary

A quick look at whether the electrical setup is okay or needs fixing.

Observations and Recommendations

A list of anything wrong with the electricity, like broken stuff or things not safe. Each problem gets a code: ◦ C1: This means it’s dangerous and needs fixing right away. ◦ C2: This means it could be dangerous and needs attention. ◦ C3: This means it’s not too bad, but could be better for safety.

Overall Assessment

A final decision on whether it’s safe to keep using the electricity until the next check-up.

Next Inspection Date

The date for the next check-up.

What Happens After an EICR?

After you finish checking the Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR), there are a few more things to do based on what the report says:

What Happens After an EICR

Checking the Report

The owner or manager looks closely at the report’s details in an EICR. In this process, they find any bugs or flaws marked as C1 (really dangerous), C2 (possibly dangerous), or C3 (need to improve).

Remedial works

If there are any C1 or C2 issues, they need fixing right away. It’s important to get these fixed quickly by taking some steps to keep things safe and legal.


Once the repairs are done, someone might need to check again to make sure everything’s okay now. This is vital to make certain the report shows that there is no risk to meeting standards.

Getting Certified

When all the C1s and C2s are fixed, the electrician updates the report in an EICR to show that everything’s safe now. This proves that the electrical stuff is okay until the next check-up.

Keeping an Eye

Even after getting a good report, it’s smart to keep checking and taking care of the electrical stuff regularly. This helps keep everything safe and legal.

Where Can I Get an EICR Certificate?

You can get an EICR certificate from electricians or electrical contractors who are licensed and qualified to do this inspection. Here’s how to find them:

Find an Electrician

Look online or ask around to find someone who can check your home’s electrical system. You want to make sure they’re qualified and have good reviews. All Landlord Certificates provides qualified Electrician for any kind of electrical inspection and remedial works.

Check Their Credentials

Make sure the person you choose knows what they’re doing. They should have the right training and be approved by a group that qualified electricians. ALC provides the NICEIC ,NAPIT and ELECSA qualified electrician for the EICR certification and remedial works to perform.

Talk to a Few Local Ones

Reach out to a few different electricians from local places to see who can help you. You can ask them questions and compare prices. ALC provide qualified local electrician inside London area.

Look over the Certificate

Make sure the electrician is registered with a group like NICEIC, ELECSA, or NAPIT.

List out Local Businesses

Look in local business listings for electricians who offer EICR services.

Get Suggestions

Ask friends, family, or people in real estate or construction for recommendations. Find an Electrician from ALC for no hassle.

How Can I Contact ALC for EICR Services in London?

If you need to get in touch with All Landlord Certificates (ALC) for electrical safety checks in London, you have a few options:


Give ALC a call on their customer service or booking line 020 8004 9655. This is often the quickest way to set up an inspection.


A quick whatsApp can save your day. Our WhatsApp number as follows: 07856 377502


Send them an email to ask questions or book a service. info@alllandlordcertificates.co.uk


Go to the ALC website where you can easily find a contact form to fill out or book directly. www.alllandlordcertificates.co.uk


If you like talking face-to-face, you can visit their local office or service center to arrange your EICR check.

ALC is very expert at checking EICR to find out exactly how safe the home’s electricity is in London and nearby places (M25 area). They make sure your place meets the latest safety rules for electricity.

What our customers say


What is an EICR Certificate?

An EICR, which stands for Electrical Installation Condition Report, is like a written check-up for electrical stuff in a building. If there’s anything wrong, it points it out according to the safety rules for electrical stuff.

How much does it cost to get an electrical safety certificate in London?

The cost changes depending on how big and complex the electrical systems are in the place. Mostly, it begins at £129 for smaller places and goes up for bigger or more complicated setups.

EICR - What do they check?

An EICR checks how safe the electrical stuff is in a place. This includes wires, sockets, fuse boards, and other fixed parts. Inspectors check for damage if it follows safety rules, and if any changes could be dangerous.

Are EICRs legally required?

Yes, for landlords and business owners in the UK, EICRs are legally required. That way one can ensure properties are safe for tenants and comply with regulations.

Can all electricians do EICR?

All electricians who are approved and officially listed with groups like NICEIC, ELECSA, or NAPIT can do an EICR.

How often should I get an EICR test done?

For houses you rent out, you should get an EICR test every five years or when new tenants move in. If you own your home, it’s recommended to have an EICR done every 5 years.

Are EICR notifiable?

EICR tests themselves are not notifiable. They don’t need permission on their own. But, if they find big problems, fixing them might need permission from the local building control.

Do landlords need a separate EICR Certificate?

Yes, landlords need a separate EICR certificate. This is to follow the law and make sure tenants are safe.

Who issues an EICR report?

An EICR report is issued by a skilled and certified electrician. Or else, the report would contain errors that add risks to electrical setups.

Will the EICR deadline be extended?

The people in charge do not state if the EICR deadline will be extended or not. It’s still vital to follow the deadlines they’ve set.

Is an EICR report mandatory in London?

Yes, landlords and people who own commercial buildings must get an EICR report in London. It’s mandatory to make sure their properties are safe.

Do landlords need Electrical Certificates?

Yes, landlords must get and keep up-to-date certificates for electrical safety like EICR. This way they can easily follow the law.

How Long Is An Electrical Installation Condition Report Valid?

If you rent a place, the safety check (EICR) is good for five years or until someone new moves in.

Do landlords need a separate EICR Certificate?

Yes, EICR for landlords is a legal requirement to ensure the electrical safety of the property is maintained. In London, landlords are obliged to provide their tenants with an EICR certificate to prove that the property is electrically safe.

Who administers EICR regulations?

The Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020 housing UK government. Read more

Who issues EICR report?

It is the landlord’s responsibility to arrange an EICR and have it completed every 5 years or at the start of each term. You must be able to provide confirmation that it was completed by a licenced electrician.

Will the EICR deadline be extended?

Despite the Covid situation, the government has no intentions to extend the deadline beyond April 1, 2021, therefore landlords should do their utmost to meet the deadline.

Is EICR report mandatory in London?

December 1st, 2015 Your legal responsibilities are as follows: Report on the Condition of the Electrical Installation (EICR) The Housing (London) Act 2014 included new requirements on mandatory electrical testing, which went into effect on December 1, 2015 for new tenancies and December 1, 2016 for existing leases. Learn more

How long does an EICR take?

An EICR examination takes half an hour to four hours on average, depends on the number of bedrooms and number of circuit breakers.

Qualification of your electricians?

Our engineers are fully qualified and approved of NICEIC, NAPIT, City Guilds  etc.

What services does ALC offer in the London and M25 area?

ALC offers a variety of safety certificate services in London and the M25 area, including Domestic Electrical Safety Certificates (EICR), Gas Safety Certificates, Fire Alarm Certificates, Emergency Lighting Certificates, and more.