Gas Safety Certificate (from £29)

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We price based on the number of gas appliances in the property
Gas safety certificate (gas meter only) £29
Gas safety certificate (1 gas appliance) £59
Gas safety certificate (2 gas appliance) £69
£10 per additional gas appliance

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What is a gas safety certificate?

Every property where there are gas appliances need to be regularly checked by Gas Safe registered engineer. The engineer will certify the property after carrying out some checks/inspection. If the engineer is satisfied with property condition then he will provide you a certificates which looks like


Is it a legal requirement?

By law, it is a legal requirement to have the check completed annually by the gas safe registered engineer. Please see our legislation page for more details.

Which appliances come under this check?

Any appliances run by gas comes under this check, mostly boiler, flues, hob, gas oven, chimneys and gas fire. Landlord required to complete this check even if the gas appliances owned by the tenants.

What is included in safety checks?

This Safety Check Includes:

        • Gas meter visual & leak check,
        • The gas pipework is tested for leaks
        • Appliance operating pressure check
        • Connected flue or chimney check
        • Appliance performance check (ig boiler performance check for heating and hot water check)
        • Hob/cooker combustion analyse
        • Appliance is correctly fitted and connected to the gas pipes
        • Room has adequate air supply– gas needs air to burn properly and cleanly
        • All safety devices are operating as per appliance manufacture guideline.

If you can smell gas or suspect you have a leak

If you think you’ve got a gas leak in your home or can smell gas anywhere outside, leave the house or area and call the National Gas Emergency Service immediately on 0800 111 999.

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