Electrical Safety Certificate (EICR)

Ensure your home’s electrical systems meet the industry’s safety standards. Our NICEIC and NAPIT certified professionals provide thorough inspections and EICR certification.


Get Your EICR Certificate in London with ALC

Welcome to ALC, your go-to source for Electrical Safety Certificates (EICR) in London. Ensuring the electrical safety of your property is more than just a legal obligation; it’s a critical component of creating a secure environment. Whether you’re a homeowner or a landlord, our certified EICR testing in London offers peace of mind, reliability, and comprehensive assurance of electrical safety standards. Partner with us today to make your property safer and compliant.

EICR Certificate in London: Affordability Meets Quality

The topic of EICR Certificate Costs is often met with apprehension by property owners and landlords alike. While the importance of electrical safety is universally acknowledged, the perception of high costs can sometimes act as a deterrent. At ALC, we strive to eliminate this barrier by offering high-quality EICR services at transparent and competitive prices. We understand that safety is not a luxury but a necessity. Therefore, our EICR Certificate Costs are crafted to ensure you can prioritize safety without breaking the bank.

When considering the investment in an EICR certificate, it’s crucial to view the expenses in terms of both immediate and long-term value. A properly conducted EICR test ensures that your property complies with legal standards and safeguards against potential electrical issues that could result in costly damages or accidents down the line. Thus, when you weigh the EICR Test Cost against the peace of mind and long-term financial prudence it offers, the investment becomes not just justifiable but essential.

Our commitment to affordable pricing keeps the quality of our work high. Each EICR service we provide is executed by certified professionals with a keen eye for detail, ensuring that your property meets—and often exceeds—industry safety standards. Whether you’re a homeowner looking for a one-off service or a landlord requiring multiple certifications, you’ll find that our EICR Certificate Costs in London offer a balanced blend of affordability and expertise, providing unparalleled value for your investment.

What is the EICR Certificate Cost in London?

Navigating the costs of safety certifications can be complex, especially in a metropolis like London, where prices can vary significantly. At ALC, we strive to simplify this aspect by offering transparent and standardized EICR Certificate Costs in London. We believe in complete transparency, unlike many service providers who surprise you with hidden fees.

The cost of obtaining an EICR certificate can vary based on a variety of factors, including the size of your property, its location, and the complexity of the electrical systems involved. However, our mission is to provide you with upfront, transparent pricing that allows you to plan your budget accordingly. Contacting us for a customized quote gives you a precise idea of the EICR Certificate Cost in London specific to your property’s needs.

We are committed to making our EICR services accessible and affordable without sacrificing quality. Your safety is not a negotiating point but a non-negotiable standard that we uphold rigorously. Contact us today for a customized quote that balances both affordability and the superior service ALC is known for.

Understanding EICR Test Cost: Your Investment in Safety

The cost of an EICR test is more than just a line item on your budget; it’s an investment in the enduring safety of your property and its occupants. With the EICR Test Cost, you pay for a detailed and thorough examination of your electrical systems to ensure they meet all the necessary safety standards. However, the price is not just for compliance; it’s also an investment in peace of mind, knowing that you’re proactively mitigating risks that could lead to electrical fires, shocks, or other hazards.

The EICR Test Cost varies based on a range of factors, such as the size and age of your property, the complexity of its electrical installations, and regional pricing trends. Yet, it’s important to note that skimping on this crucial safety measure can result in more substantial costs down the line, including potential fines for non-compliance or, worse, the tragic costs associated with electrical accidents.

At ALC, we take a balanced approach to pricing. Our EICR Test Cost is designed to be competitive while ensuring the service you receive is of the highest quality, conducted by certified professionals with the latest tools and knowledge. When you invest in an EICR test with us, you’re not just ticking a box but partnering with a service committed to your long-term safety and well-being.

EICR certificate cost based on the number of beds in the property. But we are running single price offer, any bedrooms £129/= only.
Landlord electrical certificate (Studio)£129
Landlord electrical certificate (1-2 beds)£129
Landlord electrical certificate (3-4-5 beds)£129
£20 for additional room

EICR Certificate Cost Chart

EICR Testing in London: How It Works

So, you’re interested in EICR Testing in London and wondering what the drill is? Well, let’s cut to the chase. EICR, or Electrical Installation Condition Report, is not just another piece of paper—it’s your golden ticket to peace of mind and compliance with all those pesky regulations.

Here’s how it unfolds: First, our team of certified professionals—yes, we’re talking top-notch EICR electricians—arrive at your property. Don’t worry; we’re not fans of surprises. We’ll have discussed the EICR Test Cost and what to expect in advance.

Our experts then roll up their sleeves and get down to the nitty-gritty, examining your electrical systems and components. Wires, sockets, fuse boxes—you name it, we inspect it. The goal is simple: ensuring your electrical setups are up to snuff by the standards in London and the broader UK.

When we’re done, you’ll receive your EICR certificate, a more powerful document than it looks. It’s your evidence that you’ve done your due diligence in ensuring electrical safety, whether you’re a homeowner or a landlord.

So, are you interested in making EICR Testing in London as straightforward as a flick of a switch? Reach out to us at ALC. We’re all about blending quality, affordability, and electrical safety into one seamless experience.

Landlord EICR: A Must-Have for Property Owners

If you’re a property owner in London, an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) isn’t just another item to check off your to-do list; it’s an absolute necessity. Why? Because a Landlord EICR is not just about fulfilling a legal requirement; it’s about the safety of your tenants and the longevity of your property. In short, it’s non-negotiable.

Compliance is a big word in the landlord business, and when it comes to electrical safety, EICR is where compliance begins. With regulations becoming increasingly stringent, your Landlord Electrical Certificate Cost is an investment in ensuring you’re on the right side of the law. Failing to comply can lead to hefty fines and invalidate your property insurance. A minor oversight today could translate into a financial nightmare tomorrow.

But beyond the law, a Landlord EICR is your ally in maintaining a safe and attractive property to potential tenants. No one wants to live in a property where the electrical systems are a ticking time bomb. Investing in a regular EICR test sends a powerful message to current and prospective tenants: safety and well-being are your top priorities. So, make the smart move today and get your Landlord EICR certificate with ALC.

Landlord Electrical Certificate Cost: An Overview

Let’s talk numbers. When you’re a landlord, the term “cost” takes on a whole new meaning. Between maintenance, property taxes, and various other expenses, the last thing you need is an overpriced safety certificate. At ALC, we get it. That’s why our Landlord Electrical Certificate Cost is designed to be straightforward and reasonable, fitting comfortably within your budget without compromising on quality.

The cost of obtaining a Landlord EICR certificate can vary based on several factors like property size, electrical system complexity, and even your property’s location. While these variables can influence the overall cost, we aim at ALC to offer a pricing structure that eliminates surprises. Our transparent approach ensures you know exactly what you’re getting into before we even start the process.

Understanding Landlord Electrical Certificate Cost is not just about comparing prices; it’s about evaluating value. With ALC, you’re not just paying for a certificate but investing in the safety of your property and its occupants. Plus, staying compliant helps you avoid potential legal hassles and hefty fines down the road. In other words, the Landlord Electrical Certificate Cost is an investment in peace of mind, legal compliance, and the long-term value of your property. Reach out to us today for a detailed quote tailored to your specific needs.

EICR for Landlords: Ensuring Compliance and Safety

Being a landlord comes with a broad range of responsibilities, and topping that list is the safety of your tenants. While you juggle the countless tasks that property ownership entails, it’s vital not to overlook the electrical safety of your building. That’s where EICR for Landlords comes into play. It’s not just another bureaucratic requirement; it’s a pivotal step in demonstrating your commitment to upholding safety standards while maintaining full legal compliance.

An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is your certification of safety, a document that testifies to the quality and reliability of your property’s electrical systems. Obtaining EICR for landlords isn’t optional; it’s a legal mandate. Neglecting this critical safety check can result in hefty fines and even criminal charges, not to mention the potential for significant damage or injury due to electrical malfunctions. In the long run, the cost of non-compliance far outweighs the investment in obtaining a certified EICR.

By partnering with ALC for your EICR needs, you’re aligning yourself with certified professionals committed to excellence. Our thorough inspection process examines every aspect of your property’s electrical systems, ensuring that everything is up to code and that your tenants are safe from electrical hazards. It’s not just about legal boxes checked; it’s about providing a safe and reliable living environment. Choose EICR for landlords; choose safety, compliance, and peace of mind.

Choosing the Right EICR Electrician

When it comes to EICR testing, the electrician you choose can make all the difference between a thorough inspection and a rushed job, between legal compliance and potential liability. So how do you go about choosing the right EICR Electrician for your property? It’s not a decision to be taken lightly, especially when safety and legalities are on the line.

Our engineers are fully qualified of NICEIC AND NAPIT

Firstly, credentials matter. An EICR Electrician should not only be certified but also experienced in carrying out EICR tests specifically. Different properties—commercial, residential, and industrial—require different expertise. Make sure the electrician you’re considering is versed in the type of property you own.

Secondly, transparency is key. An honest EICR Electrician will provide a clear outline of the services offered, the timeline for completion, and a breakdown of costs. Transparency in these areas will save you from unexpected surprises, ensuring that you get value for your investment.

Lastly, consider their reputation. Online reviews, testimonials, and even word-of-mouth recommendations can offer insights into an electrician’s quality of work, reliability, and customer service.

When you choose ALC for your EICR needs, you’re not just selecting an electrician; you’re choosing a partner committed to delivering quality, safety, and compliance. Our team of certified EICR Electricians are trained to perform comprehensive inspections, ensuring that your property meets all the necessary safety standards. It’s time to make the smart choice; it’s time to choose ALC.

What are cover in the EICR report?

(EICR BS 7671 18th edition) Visual inspection of 80% of supplier’s terminal equipment, main protective and complimentary connections and inspection, and testing of final circuits. Due to the range of access, the light circuit can be tested on the switch. Supplies not supplied by the distributor (Example: photovoltaic) are excluded. Please read more for  EICR pre-inspection checklist from the following link.

  • The visual inspection report will record several comments
  • Consumer Unit Earthing and Bonding
  • RCD protection extends
  • Sockets and Kitchen Safety
  • Plug and lighting bathroom safety
  • Characteristics of light fitting wear and tear
  • Light switches electrical cable or lead

EICR inspection maintains below-mentioned coding:

CodesMeansSuggested ActionReport Outcome
C1Danger present. Risk of injuryImmediate remedial action required.Unsatisfactory
C2Potentially dangerous.Urgent remedial action requiredUnsatisfactory
FIFurther investigationUrgent investigation required without delayPossibly unsatisfactory
C3Improvement recommendedSomething might not comply with the regulations but isn’t dangerousSatisfactory

EICR Certificate Valid For 5 Years:

It is generally recommended that an EICR be carried out every ten years (five for privately rented properties) or when the accommodation in a residence is changed.
Our aim is to make life easier, including the way you Book Your Inspection
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Once your booking is valid, you will be given access to our free property management portal, allowing you to progress in real-time inspections, certificates, and more…
We accept all types of payments for others along with EICR Certificate service: credit cards, visas, singles, bank transfers, bankers’ drafts, and checks.


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We’re always here to discuss your safety and compliance needs. Whether you’re a homeowner needing an EICR certificate or a landlord seeking to ensure the well-being of your tenants, we’ve got you covered.

What our customers say


What eicr stand for?

Electrical Installation Condition Report.

What is an EICR Certificate and why do I need one in London?

An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is a thorough inspection of the electrical systems and installations within your property. In London, an EICR certificate is essential for ensuring that the electrical installations in a building are safe, compliant with regulations, and pose no hazard to occupants.

EICR what do they check?

An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is a kind of electrical testing that examines the installation and systems of electrical wire. Because it’s usually a review of what can’t be seen with the naked eye, a trained electrician must look into it with correct tools and data readings. The engineer should have knowledge and experience to detect any possible risk inside the fusebox and the electrical wiring system.

How often should I get an EICR test done?

In London, the recommended frequency for EICR testing varies based on the type of property. For privately rented homes, an EICR should be carried out at least every 5 years or at each change of tenancy, whichever comes first. 

What is the average EICR Certificate cost in London?

The EICR Certificate cost in London can vary depending on factors such as the size and complexity of your electrical system. However, we at ALC strive to provide transparent, competitive pricing to meet your safety and compliance needs. Our price is simple. £129 for each EICR certificate.

When did EICR come in?

Electrical installation condition reports are now an important part of electrical safety. Landlords must ensure that a rental property has an electrical installation that is safe for its residents to use. The law governing the EICR has been updated and will take effect on July 1, 2020.

Are EICR notifiable?

EICRs aren’t required to be reported. When doing an EICR, it is not necessary to notify the Nearby Area Building Control.

Who needs an EICR certificate?

Duplicates of EICR must be sent to the following individuals: i. Residents of the residential premises who are currently residing there. After testing and evaluation, duplicates must be supplied to them within 28 days. ii. Prospective tenants before they move in.

How does EICR testing in London work?

EICR testing in London involves a comprehensive evaluation of your property’s electrical systems by certified professionals. A series of checks and tests are carried out to ensure all electrical installations meet the necessary safety standards.

How can I contact ALC for EICR services in London?

You can reach us via phone, email, or through our website’s contact form for EICR services in London. We are committed to offering prompt, reliable service for your safety and compliance needs.

What sets ALC apart from other EICR service providers in London?

At ALC, we prioritize customer satisfaction, transparent pricing, and quick turnaround times for EICR services in London. Our certified electricians are trained to provide a thorough, reliable assessment of your property’s electrical safety.

EICR what's involved?

Mostly visual inspection and technical inspection by tools to distinguish any self-evident issues with broken equipment or incorrect wiring, dead testing for progression, insulation resistance, and polarity, and live testing to ensure the system can respond viably in the event of a fault or electric stun injury will all be part of the test at that point. We check, Fusebox, Circuit breakers, wiring and tearing, Switch and Sockets, individual cabling etc.

What is EICR remedial works?

After a Periodic Test, you’ll have received an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR). If this report includes any C1 or C2 codes, or suggestions for further investigation, your installation poses a significant risk to employees or consumers you have to go for remedial action. It’s mandatory requirements. Also you can take action for improvement of any recommendations which will be denoted as C3 in report.

Do landlords need a separate EICR Certificate?

Yes, EICR for landlords is a legal requirement to ensure the electrical safety of the property is maintained. In London, landlords are obliged to provide their tenants with an EICR certificate to prove that the property is electrically safe.

Who administers EICR regulations?

The Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020 housing UK government. Read more

Who issues EICR report?

It is the landlord’s responsibility to arrange an EICR and have it completed every 5 years or at the start of each term. You must be able to provide confirmation that it was completed by a licenced electrician.

Will the EICR deadline be extended?

Despite the Covid situation, the government has no intentions to extend the deadline beyond April 1, 2021, therefore landlords should do their utmost to meet the deadline.

Is EICR report mandatory in London?

December 1st, 2015 Your legal responsibilities are as follows: Report on the Condition of the Electrical Installation (EICR) The Housing (London) Act 2014 included new requirements on mandatory electrical testing, which went into effect on December 1, 2015 for new tenancies and December 1, 2016 for existing leases. Learn more

How long does an EICR take?

An EICR examination takes half an hour to four hours on average, depends on the number of bedrooms and number of circuit breakers.

Qualification of your electricians?

Our engineers are fully qualified and approved of NICEIC, NAPIT, City Guilds  etc.

What services does ALC offer in the London and M25 area?

ALC offers a variety of safety certificate services in London and the M25 area, including Domestic Electrical Safety Certificates (EICR), Gas Safety Certificates, Fire Alarm Certificates, Emergency Lighting Certificates, and more.