Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) London

Making sure your place is safe from fires is a must!

For only £199, get a fire risk assessment to give you peace of mind. We’ll check your property in London to ensure it’s secure and meets all safety rules.

Original price was: £250.00.Current price is: £199.00.


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What Is A Fire Risk Assessment?

A Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) is like a careful check to find any things that could cause fires in a building. It means looking at how likely a fire is to start, what might happen to people inside, and how well the safety measures work. The main aim is to make sure fires are less likely to happen, so everyone stays safe and property doesn’t get damaged.

Fire Risk Assessment in London : Keeping Your Property Safe From Fire

Think of a fire extinguisher that not only stops fires but also stops them from happening in the first place. That’s what a fire risk assessment does for your place! It’s a smart way to keep your place safe from fires before they even start. Here’s why it’s good for you:
  • Find Hidden Fire Hazards
    Just as a doctor looks for hidden health problems, a fire risk assessment finds possible fire risks you might not notice. It could be things like broken wires, flammable stuff in storage places, or even blocked escape paths.
  • Following the Fire Safety Law
    If you’re in charge of a business or certain homes, you need to get a fire risk assessment done. It’s a rule under laws like the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (UK).
  • Custom Fire Safety Plans
    Every building is different, so its fire safety plan should be too. An assessment helps make a special plan just for your place, considering its unique risks.
  • Feeling Calm and Safe
    When you know your building is checked well and has good fire safety plans, it brings peace of mind to you, your renters, or your workers.
  • Less Chance of Fire Events
    By finding and fixing things that could cause fires before they happen, you make it much less likely for a big fire to break out.
  • Save Money on Insurance
    Lots of insurance companies give discounts if your place has good fire safety plans. Having a fire risk assessment report can help you pay less for insurance.
  • Staying Compliant
    Keeping up with fire safety laws can be tricky. A fire risk assessment makes sure you’re doing what you’re supposed to do, so you don’t get fined or into a legal mess.
  • Quicker Bounce Back After a Fire
    If there’s a fire, having a record of your fire risk assessment can help limit damage. It also makes things faster to get back to normal.

Keep things up to date! Just like your place might change, your fire safety plan should too. By updating your fire risk assessment regularly, you make sure your plans stay good and keep giving you peace of mind.

HMO Fire Risk Assessment: What You Need to Know in London and the M25 Areas

Fire risk assessments for Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) in London and nearby M25 areas are vital. It’s because these places have more safety risks with lots of people living together. The law says HMOs must have an in-depth fire risk assessment to keep all safe.

At All Landlord Certificates (ALC), we’re experts at doing safe fire risk assessments just for HMOs in London and nearby M25 spots. We specifically look at various important things, like:

  • Getting Out Safely
    Make sure there are enough clear and safe escape routes to get out of the building. This means to check that fire exits are easy to reach and not blocked. The routes should lead to a safe place outside.
  • Detecting Fires with Alarm and Detection System
    Putting in and looking after fire alarms is vital. These need to be tested often to make sure they work right. Plus, these should ring to alert everyone if there’s a fire.
  • Fire Safety Gear
    Your place should have the right number of gear like fire extinguishers, blankets, and other firefighting stuff. It not only should work well but also be easily reachable.
  • Keeping Electricity and Gas Safe
    It’s crucial to daily check and fix any problems with the electrical wiring and gas stuff. This will help to stop fires caused by faulty stuff.
  • Save Furniture
    All furniture should follow fire resistance rules to stop fires from starting or spreading fast.
  • Knowing What to Do
    People living there should know what to do if there’s a fire. This means telling them about the fire safety plans and showing new people how to escape. You should also check fire safety plans often and train new tenants.

Following these rules not only keeps tenants safe but also keeps property owners out of trouble with the law. If you own an HMO in London or the M25 areas, it’s crucial to know these rules and make sure your place is checked daily.

It should be done by someone who knows what they’re doing, like our pro team at All Landlord Certificates (ALC). You need to update your fire risk assessment whenever there are changes in who’s living there or how the place is set up.

HMO fire risk assessment cost: Pricing and Packages

At All Landlord Certificates Ltd (ALC), we’re dedicated to offering easy and cheap Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) services to all landlords in London. We know how important safety and following the rules are, so we try to keep our services affordable.
Our FRA service costs only £199 all the time. This low price means that every landlord, no matter how big their property is, can get our expert fire risk assessments. We aim to help you follow the law and keep your tenants safe without spending too much money.

Original price was: £250.00.Current price is: £199.00.

Comprehensive Fire Risk Assessment Services in London

At All Landlord Certificates Ltd (ALC), we give different types of in-depth fire risk assessments made to fit every property owner in London. No matter if you need a regular fire risk assessment for a home or a special one for an HMO in London, our skilled team can do it all. Our services come with:

  • Basic Fire Risk Assessments
    Ideal for all residential and commercial places to follow fire safety rules.
  • HMO Fire Risk Assessments
    Made just for Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) spots, looking at the special risks they have.
  • Custom Assessments
    For places that require special attention as they’re different or have needs. In this kind of check, we give personalized assessments to find the main concerns.
When you pick our services, you make sure your place follows the newest fire safety rules. This keeps your investment safe and ensures your renters are okay too.

Who Should Conduct Your Fire Risk Assessment?

When it’s about fire safety, picking the right person to check your place is important. At All Landlord Certificates Ltd (ALC), our expert team is skilled and capable of doing careful and reliable fire risk assessments.

The team knows all about the newest rules and can give useful advice about what your place needs to stay safe. For people who own property in London, knowing how much a fire risk assessment costs is a big deal.

We offer fair prices without cutting corners on the quality of our checks. Our services are made to give you the most for your money, with cautious checks and thorough reports. It’s both for daily fire risk assessment and one for HMO areas in London.

If you let our trained experts handle your fire risk assessments, you’ll not only follow the law but also confirm safety. That way you can make sure your places and the people in them stay secure.

Our Commitment to Continuous Safety

We know that keeping your place safe from fires is a job that never ends. That’s why we give extra help to our clients. If you make changes to your place after we check it the first time, we’ll come back for free. Once we check that the changes are good, we’ll give you an updated fire risk assessment without charging you more.

This rule not only helps you keep following fire safety rules but also helps you keep your place super safe. Our way makes sure your properties are always checked and fixed up to meet the newest safety rules. This means you can feel sure that your investments and renters are always safe.

Detailed Overview of Our Fire Risk Assessment Process

At All Landlord Certificates Ltd (ALC), we follow a meticulous and systematic At All Landlord Certificates Ltd (ALC), we have a careful and organized way of doing fire risk assessments in London. Our plan makes sure we check everything that could cause fires and gives landlords easy-to-follow advice. Here’s a simple explanation of how we do it:

  • First Meeting
    We start by talking with you to learn about your property and any problems it might have. This helps us make our assessment fit your property, whether it’s a home, a shop (commercial), or an HMO.
  • Checking Your Place
    Our experts come to your property and look at everything. We check for things that could cause fires, see how well the fire safety stuff works, and make sure there are good ways to get out if there’s a fire.
  • Finding Fire Dangers
    While checking, we look for anything that could start a fire, like things that make heat, stuff that burns easily, or places where fires might happen more. It also includes checking things like the electricity, heaters, and how things are stored.
  • Checking for Risks
    We look at how likely a fire is to start and what might happen to people. We also see how well the fire safety stuff works, like alarms and extinguishers.
  • Reporting
    After we finish looking around, we write a detailed report. It has everything we found, how risky the fire situation is, and ideas for making things safer. This report follows the rules and gives clear steps for making things better.
  • Making Things Safer
    Our report gives practical tips on how to make things safer from fires. This could mean getting better alarms, fixing electrical stuff, or changing how people get out if there’s a fire.
  • Checking Again
    If you make changes based on our advice, we’ll come back to check your place again. We’ll update the report to show that everything is safer now and follows the rules.

By doing these, All Landlord Certificates Ltd (ALC) makes sure every fire check they do in London is done carefully. We also ensure that all the rules are being followed to keep everyone safe. This gives landlords the right info to look after their places and tenants well.

Why Choose All Landlord Certificates (ALC) for Your Fire Risk Assessment?

When you need to make sure your place is safe from fires and follows the rules, picking the right company is super important. Here are some good reasons why All Landlord Certificates Ltd (ALC) is the best choice for fire checks in London:

  • Expertise and Experience
    We have a skilled team at ALC who know a lot about fire safety. Our team undergoes a lot of practice and training. They focus on doing in-depth checks to see how risky a fire might be in a place. Also, our team makes sure they follow all the latest rules and standards for fire safety.
  • Detailed and Customized Assessments
    We know every place is different, with its problems and needs. That’s why we do detailed checks tailored to fit exactly what your place needs. Whether it’s a house, a shop, or a shared living space, we make sure our assessments cover everything.
  • Affordable and Clear Pricing
    We think safety shouldn’t cost too much. Our fire risk assessments are priced fairly, and we’re clear about what you’ll pay, no surprises or hidden charges. And, we want all landlords to afford good fire checks.
  • Ongoing Help and Advice
    When you pick ALC, you’re not just getting a fire check. You’re getting a buddy in keeping safe from fires. We keep helping and giving advice even after the assessment, making sure you follow our suggestions and keep everything up to scratch.
  • Proven Record
    ALC has been around London for a while now, and folks know they can count on us. We’ve got lots of happy customers who’ve said good things about us. It shows we’re serious about doing a great job and making our clients happy.
  • Meeting the Legal Standards
    We keep on top of all the latest fire safety rules. Our assessments always meet the legal standards. This means our clients don’t have to worry about breaking any laws and can trust that their places are as safe as they should be.

FAQs - Fire Risk Assessment London

What is a Fire Risk Assessment?

A Fire Risk Assessment is like a detailed check-up for your place to find things that could start a fire, see how risky they are, and figure out what to do to make them safer. It’s super important to keep everyone in the building safe.

Do I need a Fire Risk Assessment?

Yes, it’s required by law. The people in charge of business places and certain homes have to do a fire risk assessment under a law called the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. This includes:

  • Businesses, no matter how big or small

  • Landlords who own buildings where multiple people live and share spaces

  • Homes where people get care

  • Places that are open to the public

How long does a Fire Risk Assessment take with All Landlord Certificates (ALC)?

The time it takes can change based on how big and complicated your place is. But the ALC inspectors work fast to not bother you too much, and they’ll finish the assessment pretty quickly.

Does All Landlord Certificates (ALC) offer any follow-up services after the Fire Risk Assessment?

Yep, ALC is here to help you with fire safety every step of the way. We can give you advice on how to follow the suggestions in the report and link you up with skilled workers to do any fire safety jobs that need doing.

What happens during a Fire Risk Assessment?

A trained fire risk assessor will come to your place and look around carefully. They’ll check for things that could cause fires, see who might be in danger, and see how safe your fire plans are right now.

What will the Fire Risk Assessment report include?

The report will tell you all about the fire dangers they found, how risky they are, and what you can do to make things safer. This might mean putting in fire alarms, making escape routes better, or teaching people about fire safety.

How much does a Fire Risk Assessment cost with All Landlord Certificates (ALC)?

We know how important fire safety is for landlords, so we try to make our fire risk assessments affordable for everyone. Our service costs just £199, which is a good deal compared to others.

Are there any hidden fees with All Landlord Certificates (ALC)'s Fire Risk Assessments?

No. Our £199 price includes everything for the fire check-up. You won’t get any unexpected charges.

What if I need a follow-up assessment after improvements are made to my property?

At All Landlord Certificates (ALC), we’re here to help you stay safe from fires. If you make changes to your place that might affect fire safety, we’ll do another check-up for free to make sure your report is still correct and current.

What qualifications do fire risk assessors need?

Fire risk assessors should have the right training or skills in the fire safety field. To find them, you can pick companies that hire assessors from expert groups like the Institute of Fire Engineers (IFE).

Can I do my own Fire Risk Assessment?

Yes, you can do a simple fire risk check by yourself. But, a trained assessor can find dangers you might not notice because they have the skills, gear, and experience.

Do I still need a fire risk assessment if I work from home?

It could be. If you have people coming to your home office or storing a lot of flammable stuff, you might need a fire risk check.

What if I've recently renovated my building? Do I need a new fire risk assessment?

Yes. If you make big changes to your place, it could bring in new fire dangers, so it’s a good idea to do a new check.

Who is responsible for implementing the recommendations in the fire risk assessment report?

The responsible person (who is often the owner or someone living there) needs to follow the suggestions.

What happens if I don't follow the recommendations in the fire risk assessment report?

If you fail to follow the recommendations in the fire risk assessment report, you’ll face legal action from the fire service. It can often include fines or even prosecution.