Gas Safety Certificate CP12

Gas Safety Certificate CP12

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Any appliances run by gas comes under this check, mostly boiler, flues, hob, gas oven, chimneys and gas fire. Landlord required to complete this check even if the gas appliances owned by the tenants.


Gas Safety Certificate (CP12)

Gas safety certificate covers all kinds of appliances of your property should be an assessment that is run by gas like boiler, hob, gas oven, flues, and chimneys along with gas fire. And also landlord should check regarding these gas safety issues even when the gas appliances owned by the tenants.

What is a gas safety certificate?

A landlord’s cp12 certification is a legal requirement and a crucial piece of documentation that proves your gas appliances were checked by Gas certified Engineers. In another way say, a gas safety certificate or CP12 is a service where a Gas Safety registered engineer inspecting your gas appliance.

Domestic Gas Safety Certificate Cost

We price based on the number of gas appliances in the property
Gas meter only£29
1 gas appliance£69
2 gas appliances£79
£10 per additional gas appliance

We always try to give on quality full cost-effective service and that’s why we are liable to follow below-mentioned things:

  • Expertise certified gas safety Engineer
  • No hidden Charge
  • 24/7 Online Customer support

Gas Safety Certificate CP12 Sample

Gas safety certificate cp12 sample

Do I legally require a gas safety certificate?

If you’re a landlord, you have to maintain a gas safety check done every year, by law, and you’ll need to make sure a qualified engineer leaves you with a gas safety certificate.

Does a landlord have to provide a gas safety certificate?

Yes! Landowners have legal responsibilities that are to give a copy of the gas safety certificate to the tenants. But when you shift into a new rental property, the landowner has to provide the gas safety certificate within 28 days of the safety check. And then if you haven’t found it, make a query to your landlord or estate agent why not.

What does the engineer check?

Mainly Engineers will check all kinds of gas appliances like boiler, oven or hob, chimneys, and flues, etc.

This Safety Check Includes:

  • Gas meter visual & leak check,
  • The gas pipework is tested for leaks
  • Appliance operating pressure check
  • Connected flue or chimney check
  • Appliance performance check (boiler performance check for heating and hot water check)
  • Hob/cooker combustion analyses
  • The appliance is correctly fitted and connected to the gas pipes
  • The room has adequate air supply– gas needs air to burn properly and cleanly
  • All safety devices are operating as per appliance manufacture guidelines.

What if the tenant owns the appliance? Who’s responsible for getting it checked?

When tenant brings their own appliance oven or other gas equipment, In that case, they have to check those appliances – That is not the landlord’s legal responsibility. But the landowner is responsible for the pipework which supplies the appliance with gas.

How do I get a gas safety certificate?

You have to require a safety check from a gas engineer. Make sure that the assigned engineer is Gas Safe registered, or else the certificate won’t be authorized. If in any confusion, check the “All Landlord Certificates Register”.

How long does a gas certificate last?

CP12 is valid for one year. When you will be a client of All Landlord Certificates Limited then you will get mail notification regarding certificate to expire. All certificates and reports are also available on the personalized and secure website client portal.


CP12 certification is a legal requirement for every residential property where have a gas connection. We have Gas safe authorized gas engineers to provide this inspection and certification. Also, we do any kind of gas remedial works with the market’s best price. We are the number one gas safe certificate provider in London.

Frequently asked questions

What is Gas safety certificate?

A Gas Safety Record is the documentation that will be given to you by a gas engineer after they’ve done gas safety check at your property. The documentation given will regularly depend on the sort of work they’ve attempted – be it a service or a safety check. While all gas engineers are required by law to be on the Gas Safe Register, it’s not a legal prerequisite for them to supply Gas Safety Record documentation after they visit you. There’s one exemption, and that’s in the event that you’re a landlord.

how much gas safety certificate?

The average cost of a gas safety certificate within the UK ranges between £60 and £90. The cost maybe increased if the household has more appliances that need checking.

how to get gas safety certificate?

You’ll get a gas safety certificate – or Gas Safety Record form – by booking an arrangement with a Gas Safe enlisted engineer. They’ll do a visual check on all your gas appliances, and pipework that’s opento form sure they’re in great condition, and a test on the pipework to create beyond any doubt there are no gas leaks.

how often gas safety certificate?

You must ensure that a gas safety check is done each year on each gas appliance/flue. Sometime recently any new lease begins, you must make sure that these checks have been done within one year sometime recently the beginning of the lease date.

landlord gas safety certificate how often?

Landlords must make sure to check the gas safety done once every year or before a new tenant moves in.

when is a gas safety certificate required?

You must guarantee that a gas safety check is done each year on each gas appliance. Before any new lease begins.

how long gas safety certificate is valid?

a gas safety certificate lasts for twelve months. In the event that you’re the landlord of a property that uses gas for either the central heating system or for cooking, at that point it’s up to you to make sure you have got this certificate.

how much is a gas safety certificate uk?

A gas safety certificate ordinarily costs beginning from £60 to £90 depending on the appliances.

how much is a commercial gas safety certificate?

There’s no set cost of Gas Safety Certification within the UK for commercial. The certification charge depends upon components just like the geological area of your property, a number of gas machines, connections, and pipework. Usually we will give you price chart after contacting with you after knowing the appliances you got.

how often do i need a gas safety certificate?

You need gas check once every year by an qualified engineer.

where to get gas safety certificate

You’ll get a gas safety certificate by appointment with a Gas Safe enlisted engineer. They’ll do a visual check on all your gas appliances, and pipework that’s opento form sure they’re in great condition, and a test on the pipework to create beyond any doubt there are no gas leaks.

how much gas safety certificate cost?

Gas security certificate ordinarily costs beginning from £50 to £120 depending on the apparatuses.

who is responsible for gas safety certificate?

As a landlord, you’re lawfully responsible for the security of your occupants in connection to gas safety. By law, you must: Repair and keep up gas pipework, pipes, and appliances in secure condition.

who can issue a gas safety certificate?

Gas safety certificates and laws were clarified. Everybody ought to have their gas appliances frequently checked by a Gas Secure registered engineer. The engineer may give a certificate after carrying out the checks. This report is called a Gas Safety Record.

who pays for gas safety certificate?

Landlords are responsible for payment of these service for their households and duty of care for their tenants.

what does a gas safety certificate involve?

The gas safety test includes a certified Gas Safe Registered Heating, An engineer who surveys your appliances’ security and confirms that the system is working appropriately. They will check: The ventilation channels are unhindered and completely operational. The gadget lights up at the right working pressure.

how much is a gas safety test?

The average cost is around £40 to £120, although the cost may change depending on the number of appliances that require checking.

when should a gas safety certificate be issued?

It should be issued once every year.

when does a gas safety certificate expire?

CP12 Certificate expires in 12months starting from the issuing date.

why do you need a gas safety certificate?

You’ll ought to get a Gas Safety certificate to prove that the gas appliances, pipes, and related pipework in your property have been checked and are regarded as secure.

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