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We are the number one service provider for gas and electrical safety certificates in London. Highly qualified self-motivated professionals are working with us. Easy to book an appointment with flexible time slots, No call out charge, and free booking cancellation.

All Landlord Certificates Services inside london, Book Now

Original price was: £149.00.Current price is: £129.00.

eicr-london Sale!

Make sure your place stays safe with our expert EICR services in London. We’ll quickly and reliably inspect your electrical system, and our prices are clear and fair from the start. You can rely on us to keep your property safe by following the standards BS7671 and staying secure.


Commercial EICR Certificate Cost in London

Keep your business safe and compliant. Our commercial EICR service ensures your electrical systems meet the necessary safety standards.

Original price was: £250.00.Current price is: £199.00.

Fire Risk Assessment London Sale!

Making sure your place is safe from fires is a must!

For only £199, get a fire risk assessment to give you peace of mind. We’ll check your property in London to ensure it’s secure and meets all safety rules.

Original price was: £79.00.Current price is: £69.00.

Gas Safety Certificate CP12 in London Sale!

Regular gas checks are vital. Secure your property with our CP12 certification, guaranteeing the safety and functionality of your gas installations.

Original price was: £99.00.Current price is: £89.00.

Fire Alarm Certificate Cost in London Sale!

Prioritize safety with our fire and smoke alarm certifications, ensuring your alarm systems are functioning optimally and adhere to regulations.

Original price was: £99.00.Current price is: £89.00.

Emergency Lighting Certificate in London Sale!

Ensure the reliability of your emergency lighting systems. Our certification verifies that they’re operational and compliant with safety standards.

Original price was: £69.00.Current price is: £59.00.

PAT testing certificate in London Sale!

Protect your electrical appliances. Our PAT testing verifies that your equipment is safe to use, reducing the risk of electrical hazards.

Original price was: £89.00.Current price is: £79.00.

EPC certificate in London Sale!

Maximize energy efficiency with our Energy Performance Certifications. Get insights and recommendations for better energy usage.

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Our professionals are certified members of the relevant trade accreditation scheme.

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