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To reschedule an appointment simply email Or WhatsApp +44 7856 377502 or call +4420 8004 9655 us your request to reschedule the appointment. We are very flexible for the appointment, so the customer’s convenient date-time is our best priority to set an appointment. Rescheduling an appointment is completely free. When you message or call […]

How often should my house have an EICR report carried out?

The IET recommend the following maximum periods between testing; If you live in a domestic property, the recommended time for periodic inspection is every 10 years, or at the change of occupancy. If you live in a rental property or are a landlord, an EICR is recommended every 5 years and at the start of […]

Do I need an EICR report?

If you haven’t had an EICR report carried out or had any work carried out on your home recently, it is recommended you have an EICR carried out to check the condition of your wiring, as it can deteriorate over time.

Is there any fine for not doing EICR

Local authorities can impose a financial penalty of up to £30,000 for a breach of the regulations. Where there are multiple breaches, the local authority can impose multiple penalties.

Is it a legal requirement?

This is recommended to conduct a five yearly electrical installation checks for privately rented properties. British Standard BS 7671 (IET Wiring Regulations) advises that homeowners and landlords are recommended to test their properties once in every five years, or when there is a change of tenancy.